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In the Communist Manifesto, I found many interesting ideas that I agree with. I found many different interpretation and understanding of it. I think finding articles that go against your own ideas and values are helpful in that they give a new perspective and sometimes strengthen your values even more.

I came across another blog where the author, Aaron Opine, did a summary and analysis of the Communist Manifesto. In his analysis he wrote, “Bourgeoisie get their wealth from the Workers.  Really?  This is like saying economies grow by government spending from taxation.  In order for the Bourgeoisie to gain wealth from the Workers they would have to pay them as much, or more, than their gross sales.” I thought this statement is interesting because I interpreted this differently. I felt Karl Marx was stating that there is class struggle and that is evident in our society. A lump sum of people has control of the means of production. But the products that are being produced exist only through the proletariat labor power. Check out this blog for more.


2 thoughts on “http://aaronopine.blogspot.com/2010/02/communist-manifesto-summary-and.html

  1. vpa0001 says:

    I totally agree with what you are saying about the bourgeois. I feel like that they are eating the workers money, and the workers work so hard for their money while the rich just sit there and order everyone around. I believe its unfair to the workers who work hard just to earn little bit of money.

  2. farhanauddin221 says:

    I agree with you Sam. This author did not back up his claims, he was making bold claims without any factual evidence. I think piece helped me in reevaluating and strengthn my own ideas about Marx.

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