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karl-marx for dummies


3 thoughts on “karl-marx for dummies

  1. hmuset says:

    Wow! This is actually a really interesting way which portrays the relationship between America and China in the 21st century according to the Dialectical Materialist perspective. This reminds me of an article I recently read in Foreign Affairs which praises China for their contribution to the essence of neither Capitalism or Communism, but rather Democracy because they manage to take expensive “bourgeoisie” (first world) gadgets by making them accessible to the masses of China by offering a modified knock-off version. The Chinese have also democratized their own version of Twitter (Sina Weibo) which uses public opinion as a guide for when there is a sense something about the website needs to change. Probably not the best example but there are some good things which come out of the relationship between America and China.

    • Yes, thank you for your input. This illustration made me view the concept in such a simplistic way. What is interesting to me is just how many current sources in news and media are estimating how China will become the highest leading economic superpower in as soon as a couple of years. It’s looking to be like almost like the United States will be surpassed, thus shifting power control. It’s almost scary to imagine just how much influence a country can have globally.

  2. vpa0001 says:

    I really like this picture that you have you have picked. Knowing that everything is complicated to understand in classical theory, this picture makes sense. Its funny to me because its saying that USA is made in China. Knowing how quickly China is growing so much everywhere, and its shocking to know that USA is going down the road after it was so powerful.

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