Emile Durkheim

A short Study Guide for exam #2

  • Both Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim both speak about division of labor. ( Ideas are opposing)
  • Karl Marx’s idea of  division of labor:
  1. In division of labor we see two opposing forces. Throughout history there has been class struggle.
  2. Marx sees the tension between the oppressed and oppressor. (Not a good thing)
  3. Not stating that capitalism is bad but rather there needs to be a revolution.
  • Durkheim’s idea of division of labor:
  1. Division of labor creates individuality, specialization and hierarchy
  2. Equilibrium necessary for society. (sees this as a good thing)
  • For Durkheim civilization is a byproduct of increased organic solidarity.
  • Solidarity:  cohesion, unity
  • Two solidarity: Organic (depends on societal parts, division of labor)& Mechanic (collective conscious, born into society with certain roles.)
  • Durkheim- society not oppressive, natural occurrence needed to balance society
  • capitalism is an organic solidarity of structure that works for society as a whole.




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