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Sigmund Freud Reading Response

I have read other works of Sigmund Freud in many different classes and usually it seems like he states similar ideas. One of the ideas I learned in my education classes and saw present in our classical theory class, were about the stages of life that Freud discusses. The stages of life are oral, anal, phallic, latency and genital. In this book however we see he mentioned oral, anal, latency and genital, the phallic stage was not mentioned. In phallic stage he speaks about the Oedipus and Electra complexes.

Freud present ideas that are very interesting and sometimes hard to agree with. I know when he wrote  during his time, his theories were refuted and I think even today it is hard to accept his theories. His second essay, “Infantile Sexuality”, it kind of hard to imagine a young baby being a sexual being especially because the baby and  sex organs are not full developed. Nevertheless, he points out that a baby sucks it’s thump because it is a pleasurable things that mimics breastfeeding. So when he speaks of sexuality, he speaks about it in more of a pleasure seeking way. (Not real sure about this.) Then, the baby realizes that it manipulate and can do certain things that will bring it pleasure. So at a certain age babies realize they can control their excrement.

I thought the second essay was more interesting than the first. He presented some interesting ideas but I don’t know if I am fully convinced. (I don’t think my opinion has anything to do with how he conducted research. After reading Du Bois and his narrative, shifting over to an author who gives facts without any example is harder to read. I think it would be interesting if he gave an example of a patience, although that’s is probably unethical. (Actually one of his contemporary, Carl Jung, gives an example of patient problems and its relation to his theory. )


3 thoughts on “Sigmund Freud Reading Response

  1. Molly says:

    Freud’s has always been work that I had a hard time getting interested in because my brain tends to panic and shut down as soon as I hear “science.” I also found the transition from Du Bois to Freud somewhat difficult because their styles are so different, and Du Bois was absolutely more my speed. I think, though, that I have come to a (very) basic understanding of Freud’s theory.

    I am also in agreement with you in that I am not one hundred percent sure about my belief in some of Freud’s claims. It was mentioned in class that his evidence is primarily anecdotal, and it has to be said that developing psychological theories based merely on observations of a pretty small group leaves a great deal of room for error, so maybe Freud is guilty of overestimating his own intelligence (or, then again, maybe I am by conjecturing so about him).

    Still, I would not say I found no value in reading and discussing Freud. I think he was ahead of his time in his claims about the “sexual instinct” (perhaps that is why, as you mentioned, Freud was not initially well-received), and if we had more class time ahead of us I think it would have been interesting to discuss the way society still shapes sexuality. What do you all think?

  2. farhanauddin221 says:

    Sam, I totally agree with you. Although his theories might have been disturbing they were quite interesting to read. I do not think there is just one formula as to how children develop, there so many theories out there that discuss about childhood development. I find it interest to see how different people theorize about childhood development.

  3. vpa0001 says:

    I enjoyed reading the two essays by Freud, even though he may come off a bit creepy. I feel like his writing is pretty intense and I agree with you Sam where you mentioned that Freud seems to see everything through the prism of sexuality. His first essay on sexual aberrations is where he distinguishes between sexual object and the sexual aim. The sexual object is known as a desired object and the sexual aim is what acts are desired with the object. His second essay, which was about infantile sexuality, which means that children have sexual, urges which than adult sexuality comes along. When Freud talks about thumb sucking and relates it to sexual emotions was a bit bizarre to me. I’m under the impression that kids usually suck their thumb because when their teeth are growing their gums are itchy; therefore they suck their thumb to relive the itchiness. And they are so attached to sucking their thumb that they suck it through out their early child hood. I guess its good reading this essay because I found some things that I never thought about. I kind of read ahead, and thought essay three on puberty was also pretty interesting. I still think Freud is a bit crazy and I wonder why he was so into talking about sex and kids.

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