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Sigmund Freud Reading Response

I have read other works of Sigmund Freud in many different classes and usually it seems like he states similar ideas. One of the ideas I learned in my education classes and saw present in our classical theory class, were about the stages of life that Freud discusses. The stages of life are oral, anal, phallic, latency and genital. In this book however we see he mentioned oral, anal, latency and genital, the phallic stage was not mentioned. In phallic stage he speaks about the Oedipus and Electra complexes.

Freud present ideas that are very interesting and sometimes hard to agree with. I know when he wrote¬† during his time, his theories were refuted and I think even today it is hard to accept his theories. His second essay, “Infantile Sexuality”, it kind of hard to imagine a young baby being a sexual being especially because the baby and¬† sex organs are not full developed. Nevertheless, he points out that a baby sucks it’s thump because it is a pleasurable things that mimics breastfeeding. So when he speaks of sexuality, he speaks about it in more of a pleasure seeking way. (Not real sure about this.) Then, the baby realizes that it manipulate and can do certain things that will bring it pleasure. So at a certain age babies realize they can control their excrement.

I thought the second essay was more interesting than the first. He presented some interesting ideas but I don’t know if I am fully convinced. (I don’t think my opinion has anything to do with how he conducted research. After reading Du Bois and his narrative, shifting over to an author who gives facts without any example is harder to read. I think it would be interesting if he gave an example of a patience, although that’s is probably unethical. (Actually one of his contemporary, Carl Jung, gives an example of patient problems and its relation to his theory. )