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Soulful Writings of an Era

          It is nonsense that people believe these perpetuated racist and sexist ideas are unchangeable.  People are merely demonstrating an utter acceptance of a force which has always existed and will continue to do so in the future if there is no change.  The idea of a double consciousness gives the impression of always having to look at one’s self through the eyes of others.  There are two souls which make up an individual.  The recent film crash allows the audience to view the different experiences of each race clashing together.  As the story progresses, we can observe how certain characters become aware of their double consciousness.

The scene where the couple gets pulled over is one such an example of this occurring.  The experience a double conscious through the different treatment they receive simply for being of color.  There is duality present in that scene where sexual violence towards black women is perpetuated by white males as well as the black community.  We see this through the husband’s acceptance of his wife being touched.  As long as male domination exists, it will always lead to the raping of women.  Thus particularly stripping colored women even further away from having any power control.  When the husband and wife are later shown arguing, she expresses her view which is that of abuse against a black woman is just the same as abuse for all women.  Yet she portrays what society views black folk as through her insults, way of speech, and sarcastic remarks of submission towards white dominant male figures.  This addresses my disappointment of a race which will be constantly surrounded by shifting forms of oppression, rather than truly being considered equal.

A concern of mine is how the invisibility of women, particularly women of color, is something accepted in our society.  We see instances of this in the film where all the female roles relating to the minority are shown in a negative lens.  In other words they are portrayed as having a position even lower than that of a white woman.  Sandra Bullock’s character is shown aggressively throughout the movie.  We are given the impression that she is able to share a portion of the power alongside her husband.  This shows that within their family she is not given an invisible presence.

Lastly through this interconnectivity of race, the idea of dependency  is strongly prominent.  The other female roles not discussed such as the Persian daughter, wife, and the Latina wife are not even given an authoritative role.  They are merely shown performing duties for their families.  If this does not reek of making someone almost transparent then I do not know what fully can.  This is almost entirely similar to the occurrences of compulsory sexuality post-emancipation times.  Women were not entitled to any resources so instead they were made out to marry men.  This enabled them to have atleast a chance at surviving.  This dependency and restrictive domesticity role leaves women no other option but to continue to act out against such unfairness.

Including an element of gender theory is something new to my previous theories.  If there are any other experienced bloggers out there with an expertise in this field please do not hesitate to drop a comment!

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Du Bois Reading Response

The reading for Du Bois was much more accessible than the other three readings we had for this class. Du Bois’s main target was racism. The chapters in the book started off with a song, which I skipped over because I thought that they were not important. However after class, it made sense to me why he had lyrics of songs during the beginning of every chapter. I believe the showed the rational and cultural equality between a both white and black cultures.

            In the forethought where Du Bois talks about how he has stepped within the veil, I thought that was pretty strong line. The veil meaning, you can see everything out of the veil but cannot see within the veil.  One of the biggest concepts that Du Bois talks about in the book is the double consciousness. During that time period African Americans struggled the “multifaceted conception of self”, which is known as the double consciousness (looking at one’s self through the eyes of others).

Du Bois talks about how the blacks in the south should have the same equal rights as the whites, more over they should be treated with justice and equality.  I think Du Bois did a pretty good job with his book, it was a easy read, and it was easy to understand. The choice of his words was really powerful in my eyes. Overall I like Du Bois and his writing and his thoughts.